College interviews are a great way to enhance your application. While often not mandatory, they may be right for you. An interview lets the school get to know you a little better, and vice versa. It also shows “demonstrated interest” which often positively impacts your admissions decision.

RESEARCH: Do your homework and come prepared. Read up on the school, campus, student body, professors, courses of interest and anything that draws you to the particular college. Being able to talk in detail about the school shows your serious interest.

PRACTICE: Rehearse (out loud!) detailed, specific answers to why you want to go to this school, how you see yourself contributing to the campus community, what draws you to this school and why you think this school will benefit from having you as a student.

QUESTIONS: Prepare your own interesting, focused questions beforehand. This is your opportunity to get to know the school better. Don’t ask for info easily found on the website, etc.

DRESS WELL: College interviews are less formal that those for jobs. Your primary goal is to wear something that is NOT memorable. The interview should be about you, not your outfit. Look polished head-to-toe.

APPRIVE EARLY: Be prompt! You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Timeliness shows you are respectful of the other person’s time. Plus you’ll feel more confident and relaxed from the start.

FOLLOW UP: Send a “thank you” note to the interviewer. This simple step demonstrates your interest in the school and lets them know you’re a considerate person. Mention a specific point or two from your conversation.

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