College Planners of America, Ltd.

The origins of College Planners go back almost thirty years ago to when Mike McKinnon was asked to assist community college students in applying to colleges and in finding financial aid to enable them to pursue their education. In the ensuing years, the cost of a college education has increased dramatically as has the competition for admittance to many select schools. The ever increasing cost of obtaining a college degree has been such that the decision to pursue a college education now has a great impact on family finances and retirement plans, which often are the first things sacrificed to pay for college and weddings. The planning and execution of such a decision is critical to a family's financial well-being. Yet, less than 20% of all students graduate in 4 years and only about 56% will have graduated after 6 years! Against this back drop, state funding of higher education has declined dramatically as state budgets come under increasing pressure. The role of College Planners is to help make that decision about which college and what major, a sound, informed one that enhances the chances of a successful outcome, while at the same time minimizing its impact on family finances and more specifically, on the retirement plans of parents.